XBOX 360 wireless controller recognized by Windows 10 over "play & charge kit" but not working

Hi guys, is it possible to use a wireless XBOX 360 controller with Windows 10 over the "play & charge kit"? I haven't got the wireless receiver, but I'm fine playing over a wire, that's why I'm asking.

The play and charge kit plugs to the controller and to a PC's USB port. After first time plugged in, it was recognized by Windows 10 and the drivers have been installed. The controller is properly shown in the Device Manager, it says: "Xbox 360 Peripherals" -> "Xbox 360 Wireless Controller via Play & Charge Kit".

Everything seems fine, except when I try to play a game, e.g. Portal 2, nothing happens. Like there was no controller connected at all. I made sure Portal 2 supports the controller and the controller is enabled in-game (it even shows the correct image of an XBOX 360 controller, so maybe the game recognizes it as well?).

What can be wrong? Am I missing any part or forgot to do some step? I never owned an XBOX, so I don't know how these things work. I've got this controller from a friend and heard it can work with a PC too, so I'm trying to make it.

Thanks for any hint.
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  1. gbryan101 said:
    The play and charge should charge when connected to the PC. It will not, however, send data over the charging cable.

    Perhaps this is the answer, but still I don't understand why the drivers get installed after first plug-in, if the cable only charges?
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