M/B Insulation for Peltier/TEC CPU cooling

I was thinking of adding a TEC/Peltier in between the CPU and my AIO Cooler (peltier's cold side cooling the CPU, hot side of the peltier cooled by the AIO), but I was concerned about condensation, and how much the M/B has to be insulated so there won't be any shorts/damage to the M/B. I want this to be a permanent solution, not just a temporary one, so please take this into consideration as well.

Should I go for it, or is it just unsuitable for the long run? I was thinking of using a method similar to this:

The peltier that I have and I am planning to use is this one: TEC-12706 (60W).
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    best way to do it is have control to the voltage the tec is getting so it can run at full strength under load and dosnt run when idling. if you cant do that their WILL be condensation. in that case best bet is too get some silicon put it everywhere around the socket then mount the tec and have silicon on the sides of the plate. every part that would get cold should have be smothered in it. i would not attempt this if your mobo will be in a vertical config or if you cant afford to damage the hardware. i did this with one of my computers and made a small lake around one of the cpus the pc immediately shutoff but after i got rid of the watter and fixed the issue it worked fine again.
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