new gaming rig need final sugestion and opinions

hello im building my very first gaming pc (ultra noob, go easy on me), i just wanted to hear any last suggestion and opinions before i order the parts and if i can lower the total price to around 2,200
this build will be used for the causal gaming on ultra setting (no multiplayer) and internet browsing

ive used this site to help me pick the parts.

my power supply is a bit higher cause ill be adding another GTX 1080 in the future.
im also a bit lost about motherboards did i pick a good one? i just care for the SLI support and built-in Wifi

ill be ordering the parts through my american address and shipping them to riyadh so ill probably buy the case(full tower) from here.

Thank you in advance.
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    Don't buy that G1 series power supply and you don't have enough power to run SLI GTX 1080's.,evga-power-supply-220gs0850v1,evga-power-supply-220p20850x1/
  2. Done. ive changed the power supply but is there anyway to lower the total price?
    if im not overclocking should i change the motherboard and if i am should i buy better coolers?
    Also i wont be assembling the parts myself instead im giving it to my cousin who enjoys putting the parts together. (thermal paste ,cables etc.. to buy?)
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