Intel I7 920 (mainboard Asus P6T-SE), OC CPU to 3.99Ghz

Dear all,

Today I decided I try to OC my very old CPU for the first time.
I never OC'ed my CPU only my GPU.

So I followed some guide I found on

I have CPU-Z, Prime95, RealTemp, MSI afterburner installed for monitoring and stress testing.

I OC'ed my CPU in the BIOS.

My settings in AI tweaker are as follow:

AI Overclock Tuner: Manual
Intel SpeedStep Tech: Disabled
CPU Ratio Setting: 21.0
BCLK Freq: 190
PCI-E Freq: 100
DRAM Freq: DDR3-1523Mhz
UCLK Freq: Auto
QPI Link Data Rate: Auto

CPU Voltage Control: Manual
CPU Voltage: 1.30000
CPU PLL Voltage: 1.90
QPI / DRAM Core Voltage: 1.25
IOH Voltage: 1.20
IOH PCI Voltage: 1.50
ICH Voltage: 1.30
ICH PCI Voltage: 1.50
DRAM Bus Voltage: 1.50 (cannot go higher or I get a warning)
DRAM DATA REF Voltage on CHA: 0.500
DRAM CTRL REF Voltage on CHA: 0.500
DRAM DATA REF Voltage on CHB: 0.500
DRAM CTRL REF Voltage on CHB: 0.500
DRAM DATA REF Voltage on CHC: 0.500
DRAM CTRL REF Voltage on CHC: 0.500
Load Line Calibration: Auto

See the links for my screenshots of my CPU (standard) and my memory.

intel I7 920 DO Stepping 5
3x 4GB RAM DDR3 Kingston 1333Mhz.

My computer started up, I did a stress test with Prime for like 2 hours. My CPU was hitting 98 Degrees Celsius. Which is way to high.

Anyways I let my computer cool down, and started up again (with the same OC settings), and played a game. My game was super laggy, the CPU didn't go over 70 degrees Celsius.

Now I loaded my standard BIOS settings, and started up again. Go into the same game, and the lag is gone. The CPU is sitting around 60 degrees now.

My CPU has a Coolermaster Hyper212 as heatsink,
I live in an area where it is everyday 30-34 degrees Celsius.

What am I doing wrong, why my CPU hits 98 degrees Celsius?
Why my game lags?
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