I have error message telling me I have a scrpt running, how can I stop this?

When I am surfing around the net I often get an error message telling me I have a script running, it also gives me the option to stop the script or if I would like to debug it. I have no idea as to what this means but with the pop up is a hindrance when I am on the net. Can someone help me please? My computer is an Asus X751L, has 750 GB, 6 GB of memory and it is running Windows 10 but computer came with Windows 8. My computer is only a few months old so I am disappointed to have problems with it so soon...Thank you in advance. :??:
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    If your using internet explorer or firefox I would just switch to Goolge chrome. You can make the message go away but if your having long running scripts frequently and your internet speed is suffering then I would try changing your antivirus program or delete programs like Webroot Spy Sweeper if they are installed. Also if you set your security settings to default for your browser it should help.

    For explorer read here:

    and for Firefox read here:
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