Have win 10 multi partitions, how to make them recognized when I want to install Mint?

I have a win 10 machine with 3 partitions. I want to sacrifice 2 of them for Mint.

When I go to install mint it only sees the entire hard drive as one drive (all 3 partitions as one drive). If I install then, it kills ALL of my windows partitions. This is unacceptable to me.......

How do I make Mint recognize my existing partition structure? And then how do I install Mint on one of those existing partitions? Because it seems like it doesn't want to play nice and I know it can!

Currently, I am stuck with either Win 10 or Mint installed. Cause I cant seem to have both, I know it can be done, but how? I want both, currently using 10. I want to be able to choose what I want to use, when I want to use it!
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  1. What hardware are you using? How is your disk partitioned (MBR, GPT)?
    What Mint version?
  2. Toshiba C655 , in it I have 3 winbloze partitions. I want to install Linux on one of them and sacrifice another for storage for Linux Mint.
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    Your laptop is from 2010-2012 vintage, so it could be either MBR or GPT. If it's GPT, then it could be that Mint (I am not a fan of it) does not recognize GPT drive layout.

    Boot into Windows, go to Disk Management, and see what is the partition layout. For GPT you would need a Distro with GPT support (I am pretty sure modern Ubuntu's can do that)
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