Games Crash to random color screen - sound stands still

I have an old laptop Dell XPS 502x
- Core i5
- Nvidia GT 525M with latest drivers.
I'm not a big gamer but I used to play Medal Honor, Half Life and Call of Duty MW 2 with maximum specs with no problems on a second screen.
Then I updated to Windows 10 and it all went to hell... I tried to play Call of Duty and the game crashed with a pink screen, no error message and the game sound was buzzing, the only way to go back to windows is to manually shut down the computer. This is where my ordeal begins:

This happens after maybe 30 seconds of playing.

- Went back to Windows 7, updated drivers: Same Issue
- Restore LapTop to factory configuration (OOBE), updated drivers: Same Issue
- Changed, termal paste with Artic Silver, temp went down. Same Issue
- Discconected the second monitor and tried to play on the lap top screen: Same Issue... ALMOST: Screen froze and went black, sound all weird just like before but eventually I regain control and I was able to go back to windows.
- It happend once on Firefox, no problems anywhere else.
- Before upgrading to Windows 10 I was able to play for hours, that little fan howling with pain but no problems whatsoever.

I've found that UNDERCLOCKING the GPU might work but I can't find that option on the nvidia control panel
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  1. It does sound like there's a problem with either the GPU of the laptop, or possibly the power supply. Does the problem happen both on battery and on power?
    If your GPU does support changing the clock at all, it's not included in the Nvidia control panel by default. You'll need to install nTune to get that option in there.
  2. OP here. Well it worked. I unplugged the Laptop and played only on bateries and it worked fine. However, I noticed graphics being a little off... Dynamic Range was awfull for example, even though I had the game at it maximum configuration. At this point it could be Hardware: maybe a capacitor or software: something related to power management. I'll tweak the energy configuration and let you know my results.
  3. The way the system is set by default, performance it supposed to drop while on batteries to save power. You can set the power save settings so that it doesn't, the high performance power plan usually works.
    What the fact that it doesn't work on AC power but it does on batteries means is that the problem is in your AC adapter. This kind of thing usually happens with time, much like on a desktop, or with low quality components, also like a desktop.
    I'll find you link to a good deal on an adapter that will work for you. Are you sure it was 502X for your model? I only see an L502X. Also, are you USA based or which country so I can find you a local one?
  4. Starcruiser said:

    I'll find you link to a good deal on an adapter that will work for you. Are you sure it was 502X for your model? I only see an L502X. Also, are you USA based or which country so I can find you a local one?

    Do you think its my AC Adapter? My Laptop (Dell XPS L502X) spends most of its on my desk with the ocasional trip away from home, what I mean is that it does not move around a lot. However, I know it's old so some components could be at the end of their life, the battery for example does not last for more than 40min but that was expected given it's age. I'm based in México but my Laptop came straight from the good ol' US-of-A.
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    Power problems are known to cause many issues, especially under heavy load. The best indicator for a laptop is usually when a problem occurs when the laptop is plugged in, but not on battery.
    It seems there is 2 versions of your power adapter, one is 90 Watts and the other 130 Watts. If you have the 90 Watt version (Multiply output Volts x Amps) then you could use a good universal adapter that has Dell plugs, otherwise you'll need to get the larger version.
    Here's a 90 Watt that should work:
    And a 130:
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