HDD possibly dying - already planning a storage migration

So I briefly heard about 10 soft clicks from my computer; it sounded like the HDD. Not sure how I would check to see if it's my HDD or which one of them it would be as I have two.

I'm already planning on changing a few things on my computer; I have a new motherboard and CPU. I also have an SSD that I would like to use for booting; it's installed but unused.

1)How do you check your HDD for failure?
2)How do you migrate OS and files to new storage?
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  1. try running crsytaldiskmark on your hdd:

    what make is the drive? the maker may have better software to test it on. Some even have backup software you can use to do the migration

    what version of windows are you using?
  2. I'm using Windows 7 pro.
    I know people have said just upgrade to 10 but I've got some old games and other software that I still use; took a lot to get many of them running and I'm not ready to go through that hassle.
  3. upgrading to win 10 to fix problems only brings them along for ride. If you happy with win 7 I see no reason to upgrade :)
  4. Hi there Kumquat Caper,

    As there could be something wrong with your drive, my suggestion would be to back up the data stored on the drive.
    After that, you can just test the drive as Colif suggested. Observe the SMART report and look for pending/reallocated and uncorrectable sectors.
    Regarding the migration, you can either use a brand specific tool or a third party one.

    D_Know_WD :)
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    Hello Kumquat Caper,

    Checking for failure on your HD could require using a utility and you could use a utility like Macrorit Disk Scanner
    here's a link:
    or you can try:,1.html

    To transfer your files, you can try a cloning utility that will copy your OS and files to another HD, or in your case a SSD, and it should come out as a successful migration. For this, you can use a utility like HD Clone.
    here's a link:

    Hope this helps you out. Anymore questions or concerns, I'll try helping out. Thanks
  6. just download hdd utility tools for checking errors. And for backing up your hdd, just use cloning software. For more info on checking hdd, i want to share this with you. hope this helps.
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