Asus Z97-A / Asus maximus VII HERO. Same price

I found these two boards with the same price, but which no choice, I'm confused. My configuration is: i7 4790K, evo850 ssd, 16gb ram 1866hz, asus gtx970 strix, 600w power suply 80 plus platinum, hyper 212 evo.

My doubt about which to choose, is because the Z97-A has oc automatic, while the hero has oc a little more advanced. Of course, I use the pc to play, but so will use to design in AutoCAD, Maya, illustrator, etc.

all experts who want to help me, which they believe should buy, cost the same
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    They're virtually identical spec wise. The sound on the Maximus Hero is a little better, and it has the red and black cosmetic treatment. Does the color matter to you?

    The Hero was originally around $210, compared to $120 for the A. I think with both being priced the same, the Hero is the better value.
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