Adata sp550 RAID 0 vs Samsung 950 pro

Looking to upgrade my current SSD and was impressed by the performance of these newer PCI-ex SSD's-
They do come with a higher cose.

Say I were to take a relative bargain SSD- like the ADATA sp550 and do a RAID 0-
My main purpose would be installing the OS on it and online gaming.

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    RAID 0 will not be useful for general OS stuff and it greatly increases the likelihood of data loss. (i may have a RAID 0 array of SSD's but i did it for capacity and cost at the time)

    go with a single drive PCIe SSD. OS drives are more dependent on random 4k workloads than sequential, gaming wont see much past low load times, and RAID will/can slow certain workloads on SSD's.
  2. Agreed, don't go with Raid 0. The risk factor skyrockets and the reward factor is very little.
    Would also not use ADATA drives at all.
  3. Thanks so much guys
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