USB 3.0 Connection and Transfer issues with external Hard Drives. (ASRock x99 Extreme4)

I have AsRock motherboard, 64gb, i7-5960x CPU. Have installed windows 10, with operating disk being Samsung m.2,

However I haven't really figured out how to make sure windows get the latest USB drivers on Device Manager. I thought After Successful installation and activation of Windows 10, as long as I didn't see anything strange in "Device Manager" everything should have been fine.

However I ended up working with few different Usb 3.0 external Hard Disks (which had been tested with other computers) and most of the connections started dropping and getting lost connection and then suddenly connecting itself right back up. (No shake or anything, totally by itself as soon as I start to copy a Larger File) It became so bad that Device Manager popped up and had attention points saying some of the usb devices needs a restart. I did that, Also

1- Overall I realize even with the specs above, the transfer rates are slow, never goes beyond 70-80 MB per second. After Reboot, windows somehow fixes the USB driver issues in Device Manager itself, but now when I still use usb 3.0 to transfer files, during a transfer, it would again connect and reconnect drive, causing the transfer to half, and I press "try again" and it tries to pick up from where it left of. I am very very frustrated,

2- I am trying to find out if there is an Advanced Bios issue or possibly Motherboard issue with these usb 3.0 ports,

3- Or can it be Windows Driver issue? I am NOT logged in as a user even though I have activated windows, Do I have to do that to get the latest drivers for these USB ports? I am open to any kind of advice I can get from you guys given my situation.

ps. This is x99 AsRock Extreme 4 Motherboard with 64gb installed, and i7-5960x Intel CPU
I also went into Device Manager and went to Disk Drives to right click to 'Change the Policy' of the drive I am using, to 'Better Performance' setting with safe removal. The Speeds haven't improved. and I still get the connection droppings during large file transfers.

Thanks for your time.
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    Maybe install the INF driver from their site:

    Ensure other PCs can use that drive just fine with no connection drop.

    Also note that 80MB/s = 640Mbps which is greater than USB 2.0 (480Mbps max) so we know for sure that the USB 3.0 connection is being used.
  2. Hello Joex Thank you for a Prompt Answer. So you mean around 80Mps coming up during transfer is actually equal to 640Mbps?
    Secondly and most importantly: I was thinking about that INF driver, is it something I install via DEVICE MANAGER? what do you reckon? Do I just install without deleting any drivers?

    Do you reckon there could be any BIOS issues relating to these USB ports?
  3. Any More Tips on this ?
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