EVGA GTX 960 4gb ssc

hey guys just wanna know if EVGA is a good brand???? pls give review of EVGA GTX 960 4gb ssc.... thanx
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    EVGA is one of the best brands for PSUs, GPUs for NVIDIA, any stuff. They are an absolute great brand and everything I have experienced is great. I did not a get a modular cable, they sent one.

    Well it's a go to brand for many nvidia and PSU purchasers. I use mostly their PSUs. They are high quality and quiet, also applies for gpus.
  2. I have 9 of their video cards, currently using 3, and 2 of their PSU's and not a bad one in the bunch.
  3. thanx guys
  4. I have an EVGA GTX 960 and its the best thing in the world with noise, cooling and performance.
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