Game FPS is suddenly getting cut in half (60 -> 24-29)

Hi everyone, first time posting here.
Straight to the problem.

When I game, my FPS just suddenly drops to half (from locked 60 to varying 24 to 29), and my rig begins to noise up. It's a whirring noise, like something revving up, then stopping. It does this noise once every few seconds.

The game is just Dota 2. It's not so demanding. The only remedy here so far is to restart the computer. I first experienced this while playing Fallout 4. It's been occurring more frequently.

Hoping the kind fellows here could help me determine the problem.

i7-3770 (Ivy)
AMD Radeon R80 (old 7850) 3GB
Kingston 8GB RAM
Windows 10

Edit: I don't OC.

I already tried cleaning it. Went ASUS Optimal but that didn't help at all. In fact, I reached the state of half FPS faster with it on, so I went back to defaults.

English isn't my first language so forgive me if I got long-winded.

Many thanks!
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  1. Try turning vsync off in AMD catalyst settings. not sure exactly with AMD,

    But with Nvidia, there is an Adaptive Vsync that lowers the framerate down to 30.

    Disable it , then if you need it for screen tearing issues, use something like Dxtory or Riva Tuner to lock your FPS instead to your refresh of your monitor or a couple of frames less e.g 58hz.

    If its still doing it ...
    check your temperatures using something HWmonitor, and your GPU utilization and clock speed, when it goes funny making noise etc... check again, maybe its downclocked? as it got too hot?

    If so , repaste you card with new thermal paste, check fans etc
  2. Hi Spencer_10,

    I'm pretty sure it's not the VSYNC. Turning it off makes my FPS go beyond 60, which causes minor tearing as my display only goes up to 60hz.

    I already have AISuiteII but I got HWmonitor anyway. It looks more comprehensive. I'll try playing something more intensive than Dota 2 and post here again.

  3. Okay, so it reached max 107C (217F). That's probably a bit too high. Read somewhere that over 80C is pushing it.

    The peak temperature for the cores is 69C (156F).
    The GPU 107C (217F).

    Now the GPU downclocked itself to 300MHz. Until I restart.
    Thanks for this. I always thought it was the CPU somehow. Never imagined the GPU would throttle itself.

    Will post back once I get cleaning, and thermal pasting.
  4. Haven't replaced the thermal compound yet, but now I'm pretty sure it's the GPU. The display is now prematurely getting cut (within minutes of startup), and plugging my display to Intel HD brings it back. At least I can watch videos and retrieve files, but now I can't play.

    Question now is how do I know if my GPU is fried or just overheating? I'm under the implication that fried means beyond repair or any corrective action, and overheating means there's still something I can do.

    Thank you!
  5. If its fried you wont see anything, so theres still hope for you : )

    Most pc shops sell thermal paste for $5
  6. I know you said you already cleaned but I'd take a close look and make sure the fans and vents on your graphics card aren't covered with dust.
  7. Best answer
    Best to check fans before taking out the GPU to take apart to clean and repaste.
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