Help!, Computer crashes every time a game starts wanting to ask the GPU for resources

So, to begin with. I have reinstalled windows wipping everything from my computer. Then I have reinstalled all of the updated drivers. Also, have no downloaded much of anything except Chrome, Firefox, and a couple games. I;ve started having issues sence Dark Souls 3. The issue, My computer keeps BSOD'ing givein me either a watch_dog of a system_service somthing or another or just plain freezing then restarting. Please someone help me
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  1. What are the specs for your system? This sounds like a possible heat and/or power issue. Could also be a memory or OC issue. Please clarify.
  2. Sorry I believe I've fixed the issue, is there any way to list spec an efficient way? Or just type them in? And way I did to fix the problem was remove one of my 680's....
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    You can use an app like Speccy or CPU-Z to list some information. Many people just type them.

    Removing one of 680s would tend to confirm the heat/power issue. Of note, you should verify your PSU meets system requirements. What make/model is it?
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