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i am getting a new ssd was looking for some help on if the samsung 850 pro is worth it over the 850 evo as from what i can see there is very little diffrents for the price
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    There is actually a pretty big price difference between them.

    a 250GB Evo is about 85 where as the 256 Pro is 125 (US)

    Now there isn't much of a speed difference between them at all.

    Now the EVO uses TLC or Triple Layer NAND. It doesn't last as long as MLC (Muliple later NAND (it is really 2 layers)) but with how long the TLC last now it will easily out last any hard drive.

    No need to get the Pro unless you plan on having 50GB or more written to it per day every day for 10 years.
  2. The Pro version is also 3D vertical NAND, and one of the most durable SSDs ever released. I think Samsung gives a 10-year warranty on them ! Also, there is a significant speed difference between them in some measurements.
    I'd go for the Pro just for the durability, but it depends on your wallet and your priorities.
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