AMD Club3D Radeon R9 380 Graphics Issue

Note sure if this is an issue with the driver or the card itself. Tried rolling the driver back. No help. I know if's not a monitor issue since I can view the issue over chrome remote desktop from work. The graphics issue goes away "in-game" when I lower the graphics level. When I return back to the desktop, it's still there. It's only attached to "active graphics" such as the background of the start menu, certain textured terrain in-game, the ghost of the window frame when I open or close a window.

MB - ASUS Maximus VIII Hero
CPU - Intel i5 6600K
GC - AMD Radeon R9 380
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  1. What's the make and model of your PSU? Are you overclocking? Is the card factory OC'd?
  2. Corsair CX750M. I am not overclocking.
  3. No issues with the intergrated?
    Can you try the gpu in a different pc? Maybe from a friend or ...
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