Corsair K70 RGB Rapid Fire Custom lighting profiles not working or showing. Help please.

Hello! I just bought the k70 rgb rapid fire and I really like the keyboard. I have an issue, though. I wanted to install custom lighting profiles but whenever I import and select the profile it's not working. I also tried to manually switch the profile but it still didn't work. I hope you could help me with this, guys. Thanks!
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    Have you made sure you've downloaded the latest version of their CUE software engine with v1.16.42? Often times you'll need to uninstall and reinstall some software's in order for the system to maintain full functionality.

    I must ask though, what are your full system's specs inclusive of your OS? Have you made sure your BIOS and chipset/USB drivers are up to date? Speaking of up to date, have you tried creating a lighting profile of your own and seeing if that takes hold? Paul(from Newegg and Paul'sHardware) did state that the new keyboards were acting up with profiles and the software overall. It may be something worth contacting Corsair about it as well.
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