how does the PS4 manage to play UC4 when it looks better than almost all PC games despite us having much better hardware?

I honestly don't know what the PS4 with its hardware is capable of running a game prettier than anything I've seen with a 980Ti and an i7 6700.
Honestly this makes me so sad and mad that devs are optimizing their games so well on the consoles but piss on the PC despite our far better hardware. If a PC game utilizes the hardware to the max and at the same time is as well optimized as UC4, I can't imagine what it will look like...
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  1. You cant compare the two outside of the same game. It dosent matter.
    Compare Fo4, Planetside 2, Skyrim, etc on PS4 to PC. Then you have a worthwhile comparison.
    Saying UC4 looks better than most PC games is simply because the devs spent more time on their game compared to another.
  2. First off, PC games have much higher graphical fidelity then console titles. Secondly, consoles typically run at 30 FPS @ 900p these days. Thirdly, PCs run a multi-purpose OS, where consoles used a slimmed down OS with much less overhead. Fourthly, having exactly ONE hardware spec allows for very low level optimizations that you simply can not do on a PC.

    In short: Consoles are dedicated gaming PCs that run games at lower settings/resolution then their PC counterparts.
  3. Low level access to the hardware mostly. I most certainly dont think uncharted 4 looks better than almost all pc games however, I only played it for an hour but I noticed tons of motion blur, vasaline on the screen FXAA, very poor ambient occlusion, little to no tessellation, unstable framerate in some areas, unstable resolution with that whole dynamic resolution thing. That's just what I noticed in an hour im sure I would have more crtiques if I played the whole game.
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    As every single PS4 is exactly the same, developers can spend more time optimizing a game and do a better job with it. This is a lot harder to do for a general PC game because there are a huge number of different PC builds out there, and this can change all the time with the introduction of new hardware to the market. For example, on this site, a lot of users have banners that display what their build is, and no two are alike. But on a PS4 related forum, nobody would have that, because they all have the same thing.

    So in short, low level hardware access for a single set of parts that never changes, which leads to much better optimization. I have no clue if it is or is not actually "better looking" than a PC game though, because that is subjective.
  5. It is easy to build a PC. But making run right is a skill. 1. Turn off virtualization 2.disable legacy USB support in bios 3. Disable spread spectrum 4.look at how much better your games run then a ps4
  6. Games look like poop on ps4. Compared to a PC that is running correctly. I am tired of the answer that games are optimized for consoles. I am tired of people posting crap videos on YouTube of expensive hardware not running right.
  7. Boy I sound angry. I shouldn't be I'm in Vegas right now
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