what about the satellite internet connections?

how fast is the internet connection using a satellite at home? i had read one person said it was 1 10th the speed of dialup. is this right?

we had to switch to dsl because if the bills. and on it a image from a skype friend takes 5 or so minutes to come here. how long will it take that image if i switch to a satellite?
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  1. Well it really depends on how fast your current dsl is and what you could get if you go with satellite.

    The one downside to satellite net is the latency, depending on how far away the space satellite is, I've seen latency as low as 500ms and as high as 1500ms.
    Once you get past that initial delay it's really no different from any other type of net, depending on speed you can get.
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    Satellite delay used to be more of a problem but microsoft has included features in the tcp stack that tolerate high latency better. It still will not perform well for interactive stuff like video conference or many games. It does ok for file transfers and most web content. It is not as fast as some of the newest forms of dsl but it is much faster that many dsl connection.

    The big down side is it is kinda expensive and there are bandwidth caps that are pretty low.

    It really depends you could look into using both your dsl and satellite being careful to use the satellite only when you need the speed. You could also do the same with many mobile broandband plans if you get good service. But mobile broadband like satellite has bandwidth caps.
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