New SSD trying to delete old HD completely HELP! please thanks

Hey guys,
I just bought a Samsung 850 Evo SSD 250 GB. I was under the impression that i could easily transfer over the OS and a couple games, not realizing that its more complicated . Basically i had close to 1TB of memory on my HD so i deleted a whole bunch of games to get my HD under the 250GB needed in order to transfer everything to my new SSD. Now that all the files from my HD are on my New SSD i want to delete my HD completely because it is exact copy of what is now on my new SSD. So here is my problem. I had no trouble deleting all the games off of the HD but i could not delete a large portion of the hard drive because it said that these programs were currently running on my computer. The files that cannot be deleted are all the windows files. My question is how do i completely wipe the HD so i can just put songs and games and other files on it that i dont already have on my SSD. Sorry for my long rant but if you can please help that would be very appreciated. Thank you!
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  1. does the system boot with just the SSD attached, no HDD?
  2. YA so what i did to make sure that it wasnt booting on my old HD was completely disconnecting my HD. As of right now its disconnected and everything is fine.
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    you should be able to open an elevated Command Prompt and use DISKPART.
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