I want your opinion which gaming laptop that i should buy

I want to ask... I want a gaming laptop and i choose Acer v nitro gtx 960m 4gb ddr5 black edition (No SSD included). I choose this laptop because of it has Thunderbolt 3 for it's price than othet competitor.. I want Thunderbolt 3 because for the future and so my laptop can use external graphics amplifier like razer core.

My question is... There is another laptop same price and good quality and the spec is a bit higher. It has VGA gtx 965m 4gb ddr5 same CPU and bonus SD card but no Thunderbolt 3 for external graphics amplifier..

Which laptop that i should choose? Laptop that have the Thunderbolt 3 or better gtx 965m.
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    This is up to you, what we would want may not match up to what you want. I don't like Acer laptops and if I buy a laptop I am not looking for external video, I'd just get a desktop if I wanted to have faster video card and a power supply sitting at my desk.

    I'd get a faster video card from those 2.
  2. Get Asus ROG GL752. You may have to extend your budget by about $200 but you will get Thunderbolt 3 port and SD card reader as well...
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