MSI afterburner not exactly running my OC speeds [Radeon R7 370 4GB]

This problem could have an easy explanation but I just want to be sure as this website has always given good insight from another's perspective. My main problem though, is when I use MSI afterburner and set my core and memory clock to the respective values of 1150/1500, the monitoring graph doesnt show that its running the core clock speed I set when running a game, just the stock setting. The memory clock though, is fine and runs as it should. I also noticed though that I have a program running called radeon settings in my taskbar, which also handles overclocking as I tinkered with it in the past, but never actually use. Could these two be conflicting somehow and Radeon settings is overriding afterburner?
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    You hit the nail on the head. I've had numerous instances where Radeon Settings was for whatever reason overriding MSI Afterburner. Use Overdrive to overclock.
  2. Damn so there's no other way to get around that? thats fine I guess, I like afterburner mainly for the monitoring it provides anyways. Thank-you very much I figured I wasn't the only one with this problem
  3. There's probably a way to get around it, I've just been too lazy to find it. Some googling might help, either way the easiest and laziest way is to just use Overdrive. Afterburner can still act as a monitoring software just fine.
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