HELP weird BSOD after cmos clearing prior to Ram MHz change

Okay here is what I did
1st: I changed my ram profile to XMP profile 1 in bios
2: system went into boot loop, back up bios didn't kick in I gave up
3: I touched the cmos clearing ping with a screw driver(it's magnetic inside holding the actual screw if that helps)
4: after reset it went into BSOD and I don't know why
5: I tried to take out the battery and wait 10mins for 4 times even called Gygabyte they told me to try flip the battery upside down for 15 seconds then put it back to normal doesn't work
6: I took it part by part testing out which part is faulty every time it's the same result.
7: finally it's just cpu and mobo, still BSOD still takes 5 seconds to shut down with power button

PS: my system is i7 6700k(brand new got it today), gigabyte z170 hd3(brand new), trident 3400mhz 2x8gb(brand new), Psu is corsair 760i(old), GPu is 980ti
PPS: prior to ram profile change everything is fine I played for about an hour then decided to tweek my ram. And when I called gigabyte the guy told me i7 6700k can only handle 2133mhz which I hardly believe or is it just this mobo is too garbage to handle the tweek?

Pls help this is all I know
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    2133 is the stock speed, Gigabyte's own specs list the boards as being capable of over 3000Mhz. The tech you got mis-spoke probably.

    To manually active the backup bios have the pc shut down. Now hold inthe power button until the pc starts up and then shuts back down on its on. Yes hold in the power button this whole time and once it shuts down you can let go.

    Press the power button normally this time and the backup bios should kick in

    If it doesnt repeat the power button thing but this time press reset also for the whole time.

    If that doesnt get the backup bios to overwrite the main bios then call Gigabyte for an RMA
  2. Popatim thanks for answering, by your knowledge are you able to tell is this a mobo issue? Right now I am really scared that this ram tweek fried my cpu or my Psu as I can't test these 2. I have a Asus z170a mobo coming in tomorrow I'm gonna try to use that see if I can boot my system
  3. Ram speed would not effect the PSU easily at all so I doubt thats the problem.
    Once we get the bios set we can worry about getting the ram to 3400. There's another setting that needs to change to run the ram that high iirc.
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