Hard drive Did not detect by Bios

Hy me..I have 2 harddrive.i need to run both at a time..but the bios doesnt detect at both Harddrive at a time.. But it detected when i connect t my 1 drive..
My Pc specs are,,
Dual Core 2.5Ghz processor,
2*1Gb of DDR2 RAM,
450W Power supply unit,
Seagate Pipeline 160Gb HDD and seagate 320Gb HDD,
1 CPU Cooler fan and 1 Cabinet Fan and Set of Usb Keyboard and mouse kit.

Help me guys
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    Hi there Madhan_46,

    So, your system detects only one drive at a time right? They both get recognized, if they are attached separately?
    If this is the case, my suggestion would be to go to your MOBO's website and update SATA drivers.

    Another simple thing you can do is to attach the drives to different SATA ports. It would be nice if you attach your OS drive to SATA port 0 and your secondary drive to SATA port 1.
    Swapping cables will not hurt as well.

    Hope this will help,
    D_Know_WD :)
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