Vsync off-Screen tearing,Vsync on-input lag.

So when I play games (for example GTA V) when I turn Vsync on when my fps goes below 60 I get bad input lag which is ruining whole game, but when I turn Vsync off I get terrible screen tearing.So what should I do? I don't like both input lag or screen tearing. Is there a way to play without both of them? Specs: Phenom II X6 1090T Radeon HD 7790 8GB RAM.
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  1. You could try running the game in full screen windowed mode with Aero enabled. it will keep the screen tearing at bay, and it seems to have less input lag than Vsync in my experience. though, no guarantees that it's better, as your relying on the windows Desktop Window Manager to handle frame syncing. otherwise you will need to get a synchronous display like a Freesync or G-sync display to have no screen tearing and Vsync off.
  2. Try to limit fps to your monitor hz, having more fps causes screen tears :'(
  3. Limiting my FPS didnt fix the problem.
  4. What is Aero? I think I need better GPU for Freesync.
  5. There are several programs out there where you can limit your fps without having to use vsync. Here is a video on how to do it with msi afterburner .
  6. Limiting FPS doesent help and yes I limited it with MSI.
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    Bogdan7585 said:
    Limiting FPS doesent help and yes I limited it with MSI.

    I think at this point you will need to either get a new GPU that supports freesync/gsync, along with compatible monitor. Or get a really high refresh rate monitor where you could disable vsync and probably not exceed the refresh rate. I personally always use vsync and don't notice input lag, but then again perhaps I have used it for so long that I have adjusted to it.
  8. New GPU can also give me better performance and more FPS I think.
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