Brand new laptop won't turn on. Keyboard lights blink once on pressing start button.

My brand new Lenovo Yoga 500 won't turn on but does charge and the keyboard lights blink once when I press the start button. Please help! :??:
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    if its brand new, take it to lenova and get them to fix

    or try this


    1. Just take out AC adapter and press the power button for 10 second, again connect the AC adapter and try again.

    If still same issue

    2. Remove and install again all RAM and try again. If still same issue

    3. Remove all installed RAM, then power on machine again. Is the machine giving beep sound?

    If Yes: This is a RAM issue
    If No: The possible issue is Mother board.
  2. if it's brand new better let those where you bought it handle it, else you may loose your warranty if you open it!
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