White/Black Horizontal Lines With My New Graphics Card and Old Monitor

Hello everyone,
Alright so, I read all the other same questions and so on on this forums but the thing is mine is different.
Alright so, I just recently bought a new graphics card Radeon R7 370 Strix, 4gb GDDR5,
I installed the latest drivers and everything works perfectly fine expect when I'm in a game, I see white horizontal lines passing by when my FPS is too high, If I lock my FPS or turn on V-SYNC lines are gone, I have a really really old monitor: ASUS VW220D,
So I maybe thought that was the problem, and actually, it really was, I took my brothers newer monitor just for test and replaced it with my PC, and there were no black lines, is it maybe because my graphics card is a bit newer and better and my monitor is pretty old so it cant handle the power of graphics card? Or what? Coz after I switched back to my old monitor, coz I had to, lines were back on again, which means graphics card is okay counting RAM and every other componenets in my PC, something is wrong with my monitor I guess? Do you guys have any other solution for me expect me buying a new monitor which I cant really afford. :( Hope to get an answer soon, thank you are bye.
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    Sounds like a monitor problem, if you tested it on another one and it worked fine.

    1080p monitors can be bought for as low as $80-$90. I would suggest that you use V-Sync until you can save up enough for a new monitor.
  2. Your monitor or your display cable is crappy.
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