Computer crashed after installing new motherboard

After installing my new motherboard my computer ran perfectly till i loaded up a game and after a few minutes it crashed. I then proceeded to attempt to turn it back on and it would start to boot up but after about 3 seconds it would crash again. I then reinstalled my old motherboard and the computer booted up and ran fine. I have asked for a replacement as I think it must have been a faulty motherboard but I wanted to check if it was caused by something else just encase it happens again.
Please advise if you can.

My Pc specks are as follows
Gpu - gigabyte 3 fan gtx 760

Cpu - AMD fx 8350 4 ghz (the reason i upgraded my motherboard was to get this running better, it was running at 2.81 ghz on my old motherboard)

Old Motherboard - gigabyte 78lmt-s2p

New Motherboard - gigabyte 970a-DS3p

16 GB of ram (though I doubt that matters)

Psu - Corsair 750W

250 GB SSD

1tb HDD
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    Try reinstalling Windows when getting the new board.
  2. I'll try that but do I only need to wipe the one with my OS on, which is my ssd, and leave the one without my OS as it is?
  3. Yes, only the SSD. I'd disconnect the HDD until Windows installed.
  4. Ok I will give this a try thanks for the fast response :D.
  5. You're welcome.
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