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Hi there,
So I am currently having problems with my Integrator 600W and you fine fellows advised me to buy a new PSU. So I have created a shortlist of PSUs for my rig. My rig is as follows:
- AMD Fx-8350 8-core 4.0GHz
- GTX 660 2Gb
- 8Gb DDR3 RAM
- Gigabyte GA-990XA-UD3
The PSUs I have found are :
- Corsair VS650W
- Corsair CX600
- EVGA 600 W 80+

If you have any other PSUs that you recommend (this can also be if the PSUs I have found are a bit overkill), or recommend me buying one of the three above, then please don't hesitate to tell me.
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  1. The EVGA is the best of the bunch, but none of them are much to write home about. Take a look at the PSU tier list at

    If you're overclocking then you want something from tier one or two. 600W will provide enough power for now and give you room to expand.
  2. i agree with everything bicycle said above. If you want a solid PSU, stick to Seasonic.
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