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Hey guys!
I've had my current PC for about a year, and my setup is 2 Gigabyte GTX 770'S and a Intel i5 4670k processor. A lot of the games that I've been playing (Skyrim and FNV modded) don't seem to play well with SLI. I was planning to purchase the new 1080 when it comes out, and I had a few questions as to what I should do. So will my CPU be "bottlenecking" my new GPU, and what is bottlenecking? If I need to upgrade my CPU, what should I upgrade to? Also, is there a certain manufacturer that I should buy from? Will some manufacturers function better with my PC than others?
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  1. No, there will probably not be a bottleneck, maybe a small one. Bottleneck is where the cpu can't feed data to the gpu fast enough, a way to tell is bump up the resolution to say 1080p to 1440p, with a normal well balanced system, the proformance will drop, but with a bottleneck pediatric system it will stay the same or get better, because there is actually more stress being offloaded onto the gpu.
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    I tried to see how well your PC -- The i5-4670K/GTX 1080/8GB Ram could run the upcoming "WATCH DOGS 2" Game.. The CPU is definitely Bottlenecking the GPU, but not by much.. About 10% I'd say..

    what should have been an easy "High-Ultra" settings smooth gameplay has been pulled down to "High-Medium".. So if you could upgrade to an i7-4790K.. you probably won't have to think about upgrading for a couple of years...

    Do take a look at this Fantastic TomsHardware "BOTTLENECKING GUIDE & CHART".. Updated Jan 2016
  3. Cheers buddy!!!
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