a question about my pc, need to know about some components

Hello Community,

This is my first post, I love this site and use to read what even I am confused about from some time ago.

I bought my computer in 2009 and it was working awesome untill now, but about 15 days ago the Graphics Card died as told by my computer vendor. I ask if that can be repaired but there is a very less chance that it can be fixed.

My PC Rig is :-

Processor Intel Xeon W3520 2.66 GHz

Motherboard Intel® Workstation Board WX58BP

Graphics Card MSI Geforce 250 GTS 1 GB

RAM 2 x 2GB Kingston 1333 MHz

PSU Cooler Master 400 or 500 watts (Not sure because vendor took it from me to check it too.)

Cooler Master Elite Cabinet.

Windows 7 64bit

I use my computer for making some 2D artwork and for other normal work, I don't play very high graphical games or such.

Here is my question(s)

I just want to get another graphic card if it's possible to put with my system, but I cannot find which card will be good as I don't know what to check before getting a new card. My system is quite old so I am not sure if I buy a new card by my own will work with my old PC or not. Please suggest me a good compatible Card or let me know what else I can do.

Graphics Card I got by searching the net ( what I use to think will work & will be good for me)

01. MSI Geforce GTX 750Ti 2GB GDDR5


03. PowerColor ATI Radeon R7 250 1GB GDDR5 OC

04. PowerColor ATI Radeon R7 240 1GB GDDR5 OC

Thanks Everyone. :)
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  1. Gtx 750 ti if you can spend a little more get a 950. Not sure if anything is compatible as your PC is so old.
  2. ellis2014 said:
    Gtx 750 ti if you can spend a little more get a 950. Not sure if anything is compatible as your PC is so old.

    thx @ellis2014 for the help, you are right that I can get GTX 950 , but you know what , I am not sure it will run good with my system or not as because I am not in a condition to change other things like PSU for the graphic card for now. I just need my computer back for normal work as I don't play games now or play some on my phone only.

    I choose GTX 750 because of some reason like it only need 71 watt and recommended PSU is 400 watt only and I got that too. It is also little cheaper than GTX 950, Later I am thinking to replace the whole computer and will build another one with good hardware and so.

    Thanks for the help my friend. :)
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    Probably I'd get the R7 250, it is a very close match for the old GTS250:,review-33383.html It should be cheaper than the more powerful GTX750/750Ti so you can consider it as a replacement rather than an upgrade.
    If you feel you need or want more graphics power, the GTX750/750Ti is an excellent choice for a system with a weak power supply, the R7 260/R7 260X both draw considerably more power and would not be recommended.
  4. If you are not doing 3D modeling and no gaming, the cards you listed are over what you need by quite a bit. You will be fine with a card like the 730 GDDR5, although if the R7 250 is the same price that is also a good pick, but moving to a 730 you don't need to do anything with the drivers.

    The cards you are looking at are for systems that play games or do heavier work with video/image editing programs.

    Use the money saved on more RAM, 4 GB is a bit low for a system these days, if you have a 64 bit Windows setup that is. If you are on 32 bit you'll need to re-install Windows 64 bit to make use of extra RAM.
  5. thanks @ellis2014, @coozie7 and @hang-the-9

    Guys I am very happy and thankful that you guys suggested me what is best for me. :)

    I can get GTX750 Ti as I am looking forward to get little more power, and yes it's power consumption is less which is again good for me. I am also looking forward to work on things like 3D modelling etc later which will need more powerful hardware's so again GTX750 i think will be a good choice.

    I got 8 GB RAM I just forgot to tell as I bought in the time when my computer is not working , haha as I was not sure that this will happen.

    So finally I think with GTX750 and 8 GB of RAM my computer will be ok for my work and will be little more fast.

    One more thing to ask , will it be good if i get another 8 GB RAM which will make total 16 GB RAM , i mean will it make any difference or not.

    Thanks everyone :D
  6. Hello Everyone :)

    I brought MSI GeForce GTX N750 ti and 16 GB Corsair RAM. After installing it everything is working fine and nice. I am happy and now I can work as I use to.

    Finally the problem is Solved.

    Thanks everyone for helping me. :D
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