Games Crash after Graphical Artifacts in one system, card works great in the other

Hey everyone, have an odd problem - I think the culprit is most likely the PSU, but just wanted to get some other thoughts.

So I recently built a friend a computer - here are the specs:

MB: Msi H81M-P33
CPU: G3258 Pentium
PSU: EVGA 600W Bronze
Mem: Corsair Vengeance 4GB
Gfx: HD 6950

The computer runs fine at all times, however, after about 30 minutes of playing a game, we got weird red and orange striped lines, locked / repeating audio, hard crash. Had to restart the whole computer.

I ran memtest / windows memory tests for quite some time, ran Furmark and nothing seemed abnormal, made sure all the drivers, etc, were the latest versions. Started a different game (in the off chance the game was causing the crash), and had an instant crash with similar properties. It seems that the computer crashes anytime something intense needs to happen.

I then took out the graphics card, used the motherboard's on board graphics card, and though I was getting about 2 FPS, I was able to run all the games without crashing.

I figure - easy. Bad graphics card. But, I took the graphics card and put it in my system, and have been playing with it / using it all day. No hiccups, problems, etc.

What else could possibly be the culprit here? Should I RMA the PSU? What if that doesn't fix the problem? Is there something I'm missing? Could the motherboard's PSIE slot be bad or something like that?
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  1. Well, after playing around all day with the new graphics card in the other system, it finally did crash in the same exact way that it crashed in the first system.

    Once it crashed, it once again was instantly crashing once any graphics intensive game was launched.

    So, RMA-ing the graphics card. No one responded to this thread, but, if anything, this serves as a word of caution to anyone reading this - sometimes the most obvious culprit... Is the actual culprit.
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