What should i upgrade for my gaming pc ?

My specs:
CPU: Intel core i5 3550p
GPU: Geforce GTX 750TI Windforce OC
RAM: 8gb
Motherboard Lenovo k450
POWERSUPPLY: 400 wats by lenovo ..
Please tell me what to upgrade im new to this ..... ;-;
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    keep what u have a decent setup as is get a new psu that's it ur specs u have is prety good go with windows 10pro & u be happy with it
  2. I already have windows 10 but how long will this setup last like maybe like 2 more years idk
  3. yeah easy i got a sandy bridge i5 craptop still keeps up with the skylakes no issues on 6gig ram so ur set up no issues for ages get u a few more years +
  4. What all do you do with your system? i.e. if for gaming, 8GB of DRAM is sort of the accepted minimum for todays games. So DRAM might be a consideration
  5. yeah if u have some in ur budget get upgraded ram sticks to 16g worth of ram u have heaps of headway in the ram stakes so if u wana
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