Run most pc games at 1080p 60fps

I am building my first pc and I want to be able to run most game at 1080p 60fps. What do you think this will cost? and what parts should i use.

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  1. Cpu: fx 8350 or i5 2500 or better
    Gpu: R9 390 or gtx 970 or better
    8gb of Ram
    Shouldn't cost more than $700
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    I5 6500 and gtx 970 is what I'd recommend if you want to max out games at 1080p
  3. I'd recommend the 390 for more vram and dx12
  4. gtx 970 has dx12, and you dont need any more vram at 1080p
  5. i think i will go with amd for my cpu- fx-8350. Is there any requirements if i use this cpu
  6. DustinV said:
    gtx 970 has dx12, and you dont need any more vram at 1080p

    4gb is the recommended amount currently for 1080. 3.5....

    Also, Nvidia is being destroyed in dx12
  7. If you go for the AMD cpu, get a hyper212 cooler. The stock cooler is loud. And good choice :)
  8. an amd cpu is a very bad choice, there is no upgrade path and the single core performance is not even close to an intel i5.
    More cores doesnt mean more cpu power! amd cpus are really cheap for a reason, they dont perform as well as an i5.
    Don't waste your money on an amd, you will regret it

    3.5 gb vram is more than enough for 1080p. the gtx 970 and r9 390 are both amazing options.
  9. I disagree. Amd cpu is a great choice. Although there is no direct upgrade path, the cpu will max out any current title at 1080p without a problem for much cheaper then an Intel equivalent (cpu + mobo prices). If you want your build to be future proof, 6600k is the best way to go but a good deal more expensive.
  10. You don't need a 6600k.

    You can get an i5 6500 and h170 mobo for $250

    Vs an 8350, aftermarket cooler, and motherboard for the same price!!

    Things can be way cheaper if you have a micro center near you. Do
    You live near one?
    The i5 6500 is $180 a micro center, the motherboards are cheaper aswell
  11. DustinV said:
    You don't need a 6600k.

    You can get an i5 6500 and h170 mobo for $250

    Vs an 8350, aftermarket cooler, and motherboard for the same price!!

    The cheapest h170 mobo is $90 and that cpu is $200 or at least in the USA.

    8350 is $150 with a 970 board for $65 and then you can even add a hyper 212 and end up at $250.

    EDIT: Not to mention if you really wanted to save you can get a Micro ATX board for the 8350 at $50
  12. I5 6500 and h170 motherboard is $280 or less

    an fx 8350 mobo and aftermarket cooler for $250

    And the Intel will perform way way way better, worth the extra bucks
    This is non OC
    The AMD chip only lags slightly behind for most, and overclocking can help to fill that gap.
    If I were rebuilding I'd wait for Zen/Kabby lake but out of these two I'd rather get the chip that I can OC and put a little bit of money into upgrading cooling opposed to locking myself into a non overclockable cpu where I'd have to drop $250 just for an upgrade.
  14. That's a perfect video to prove my point. The i5 6500 had 20-30 fps more in those games.
    (Exception of arms 3 which is a poorly optimized game anyways)
    20 fps at ultra isn't playable, but 50 is very playable. Makes a difference. It it only costs a little bit more
  15. FPS Differiences:
    10 (ACU)
    6 (Arma)
    27 (Far Cry 4 doesnt like amd chips very much)
    20 (GTA)
    30 (Witcher 3)
    8 (Watch Dogs)

    For most of those games a small overclock will put the 8350 toe to toe with the i5. And once again you can always spend a little more on a cooler for a good bit more performance :)
  16. I wouldn't count on overclocking for a 1st time builder.
  17. I didn't either with my first build but I'm very glad I was able to.
  18. I'd say get the AMD cpu or spend the little extra and get a 6600k
  19. thanks for helping me out guys. this will definitely help me out.
  20. Better to wait to get a graphics card now since the Gtx 1080 is coming out may 27, and 1070 on June 10th

    1070 will be $379 and is said to perform as good or better than a Titan x
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