Putting both a Nvidia and AMD graphics card in the same system?

i want to use the gtx 970 that i just got to play my games and use the r7 370 that ive had to use for my gpu accelerated video capture while i play games.


i want to know how to do this and how drivers are going to work and how to install them.
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  1. You cannot have an AMD and a Nvidia driver installed at the same time.

    Its like keeping Tom & Jerry in the same room: It won't end well.
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    Yes you can and it should work without issue.
  3. k1114 said:
    Yes you can and it should work without issue.

    And I'm guessing I haven't understood the question.
    From what I interpret, OP wants to use both an AMD as well as an Nvidia card both AT ONCE on his PC.

    Or is it really possible to use AMD and Nvidia cars at the same time? If that is so, my whole life was a lie.
  4. Ever since windows 7 that supports multiple gpu drivers. Dx12 multi adapter even shakes things up a bit but that's not relevant...yet. But he wants them working independently.

    There's nothing extra you have to do. Download the drivers and install.
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