How to fit a full sized air-based CPU cooler AND an AIO cooler for GPU in the Fractal Design Core 500?

I already have the Cooler Master 212 Hyper EVO to cool my CPU (i5 4690k). My graphics card gets very hot at 80 degrees Celsius while playing games such as the Witcher 3 on ultra settings at 1080p. With less demanding games it performs slightly better. I want to transplant my system into a small form factor case for portability because transport is always a pain. I am looking at getting the Fractal Design Core 500 and a mini ITX LGA 1150 motherboard with WiFi because it is very well reviewed, within my price range, and I already own a Fractal Design case so I trust the company/brand, etc.

However, I am worried about the cooling capabilities. I know in the official video by Fractal that it can fit dual 120mm fan radiator thingies for AIO cooling but then I would need a low profile cooler and I already have a tall one. I am wondering if somehow I can fit a single 120mm fan radiator AIO cooler (dunno the official term) in the mount next to it if I take out the ODD to cool my GPU. I want to wack an AIO cooler on my GPU to keep the temps down. This seems only possible if I get a low profile cooler which I would like to avoid since I want to buy the least amount of components possible. Is this possible to do this case build? Or am I daydreaming too much?

Many thanks in advance!! :)
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    1| Not daydreaming but seemingly uninformed as with each compromise you make(size in this case) you'll have to learn to live with each compromise made.
    2| When you want to go for a SFF system you'll need to ask yourself if you can deal with lower power from your system as heat build up can and will be an issue. With all things in the computing industry when heat starts to creep up the performance levels start to throttle. You may be able to add a 240mm AIO cooler inside the Core 500 but to what degree are you cooling your system? Often you're going to see that moving for a SFF system that is for aircooling like the Node 202 can be a more suitable candidate.
    3| A thumb rule is that each component receives it's own 120mm radiator(as per the lore for watercooling, in my sig space) but often this is misinterpreted to end up with results being anywhere from bad to worse as the amount of resources dropped in such an endeavor, when given bare minimum's to work with, seem fruitless. On the topic of funds, AIO's don't come cheap unless they're off Ebay and that place in itself brings up questions.
    4| You didn't state your full system's specs either. SO please pass them on with your OS and components connected. A non reference GPU will also produce road bumps to your AIO endeavor.
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