Can't instal Kali Linux to my HP Pavilion Notebook Windows 10..

I have followed these steps but my usb drive doesn't show up on boot manager. Please help me!!! I need to use Kali Linux. My usb drive is SanDisk Ultra USB 3.0 32GB
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    Start with something simpler, like installing Ubuntu, or Mint. Once you master this, and Linux in general, you can move to Kali.
    You don't need to use Kali, period.

    Hint: Try another USB disk, another USB port, or burning a DVD.
    ANother hint: Check BIOS options on your laptop, you might have to switch it to Legacy, disable Secure boot.
  2. give this a shot
    I use this to image the ISO to a flash drive sometimes, it could work for you. Be sure to go into your bios and check all settings related to boot. Try disabling the option to boot from HDD and CD for example if moving the USB to top of boot priority isnt working.
    Good Luck
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