First time overclocking a CPU in my life

In CPU-Z it says I am at ~3347.80Mhz and in Task Manager it says I'm at the stock speed of ~3.10Mhz. Is Windows using just 3.10 (bugged amount of speed) or the overclocked CPU speed. I know this might sound stupid but I really want to know, in the bios it shows as much as in CPU-Z

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  1. are you using an aftermarkt cooler: if yes what one?
  2. You can ignore what Windows reports. It is just pulling the information out of the CPU's memory, not an actual measurement.
  3. stock cooler, full yolo 50 degrees celsius
  4. you cannot overclock.
  5. Your CPU can OC like a monster ---- you are only being held back by your cooling and possibly your motherboard.

    - - - - - >> Use AMD OverDrive to accurately monitor your **Thermal Margin** (under the 'CPU Status' tab)

    First Step: Drop your RAM divider
    - - - - - if you are running 1600MHz, drop the divider to 6.67
    - - - - - if you are running 1333MHz, drop the divider to 5.33

    Second Step: Drop your HT Link Speed to 8X (instead of 10X)

    That's pretty much it . . . . if you wish: Lock your PCIe bus to 100MHz (normally not an issue) and drop your IMC/NB to 9X (instead of 10X) ---- as a side note, for each 10% you increase your IMC/NB, memory bandwidth is increased 5- to 6% and latency is reduced by the same amount. This can be a nice boost to gaming and memory intensive applications.

    There are *sweet spots* with the AMD system clock when you OC. With 1600MHz RAMs it is 240MHz (240 x 6.67 = 1600 !!) and with 1333MHz RAMs it is 250MHz (250 x 5.33 = 1333 !!). These *sweet spots* in the clock will return your RAMs to spec speed.

    Drop your CPU multiplier!
    11 x 250MHz = 3.25GHz --OR-- 13.5 x 240MHz = 3.24GHz

    Depending upon your **Thermal Margin** you may be able to increase your CPU multiplier to its max -- 14.5x
  6. The problem is I have some Kingmax RAM's (4gigs in dual) at 400Mhz - shitty ones
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    Drop the speed to 333MHz, and drop the HT Link to 4x (if it is an older chipset) before raising the clock speed --- same principles apply.
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