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I've just had the misfortune of my 3 year old HD7970 dying on me. I was thinking of upgrading once the new amd and nvidia cards come out in expectation that prices of current gen stuff would drop significantly and I might be able to pick up a gtx970 or something at a good price. Now I'm in the awkward position of wanting to wait but needing a replacement right now.

Looking at for example the gtx970, it seems most retail for around £270, what would you expect this price to fall to once the new nvidia gpu launches next month? I'm trying to decide whether it's worth going through the pain of waiting.
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  1. Look the new pascal cards will be better and will have high price at launch but if wait u can check that if they are in ur budget and if not then 970 price will drop and u can get a good deal one this one .

    over all if i was in ur position i will wait .
  2. Channel clearing is happening now. They don't, of course, want to have any on the shelves to discount when the new ones start hitting, so it is a bit like catching a falling knife. You may seem some discounts from here, but not significant.

    A 390 has better Crossfire/SLI potential than a 970 does over time (for VR or otherwise), and those tend to carry a bit of a discount to Nvidia for similar performance. If you can grab one with a game bundle that you wanted to get anyway, it can help with a 'hidden' discount.
  3. If history repeats itself there will be deals but no significant price drops, as supply dries up and people want to sli or crossfire older cards prices hold reasonably well
  4. If you're partial to EVGA, you can check out their Step Up Program. Get a GTX970 now and in under 90 days, step up for the latest.

    -Wolf sends
  5. Thanks for the info guys, reason I'm going for Nvidia is I've heard they consume less power and run cooler. My HD7970 actually uncomfortably heated the room in summer. Good to know if I bought now, I likely wouldn't be gutted to see prices drop 50% so I think I'll do that as I can't imagine a few months without playing battlefield.

    Confirmed addict!
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    The situation here in the UK is:
    Don't bet on any useful price drops, both sides have been running inventory down for at least a month, high end AMD cards (R9 390, 390X, Nano, Fury and Fury X) are going UP in price as their stocks dwindle-Many E-tailers show a lot of cards as out of stock or are just listing a few parts when they used to list a dozen or more variants for each .
    Right now there's little shortage of Nvidia stock but with production of the GTX970/980/980Ti having been stopped for a few weeks that's changing, stock levels are dropping and prices for the GTX970 seem to be either stable or creeping up.
    If you want one, grab it now, or get a cheap used card off E-bay as a stop-gap until Pascal/Polaris are available and prices settle down.
    EDIT: The EVGA Step-Up program works here in the UK as well.
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