Seagate External 1TB HDD , Can't change Name . Help Please

So I Just Bought a new Seagate Backup Blus 1TB HDD , And it works Perfectly , Except this problem as you can see the title . I Tried Formatting the Disk and renamed to 'Local Disk' , Which worked in Disk management ( DIsk management shows the name i give ) , But when i Open My Computer ( This PC ) , it Shows Seagate Backup plus Drive . here are the specs :
OS : Windows 8.1 64Bit
CPU : Ci3 540 @ 3.1Ghz

If need more specs , Please reply . Here is a screenshot :

Thank You
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    Alright Nevermind I fixed this Myself , what I Did is , Went to Disk Management , Shrinked a small amount first . Then Deleted the main Partition , And then extended the deleted partition to the shrinked volume . So in this way , I Just fixed this problem .

    Thank you
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