Monitor blinking (blacks out for a short time then returns) !!

Dear everyone

I have recently built a PC which has the following parts:
1- i7-6700K 2- 16 GB HyperX Ram 2133 Mhz 3- Asus Z170 Pro Gaming MoBo
4- EVGA Platinum Rated 850P2 PSU 5- TP-LINK N900 Wireless Dual Band PCIe 6- Corsair H100i V2 CPU Liquid cooling 7- Samsung Evo 250GB SSD

I have a BenQ GL2460HM Black 24 monitor that I bought along with the PC parts, as well as an old Funai TV which used to be used as a monitor in a studio, then I got it some time ago to use it as a monitor as well.

I have suffered from a blinking and image shaking issues in my monitors with my PC. I tried both monitors, especially the BenQ on my laptop and a PS4, both work fine as intended. The problem happens when I connect the PC to the monitors via HDMI. After use for some time (usually less than an hour), the monitor blacks out totally for a few seconds then it returns quickly. This especially annoying when I game (no so often), or when I work and type reports (I do that most of the time). I did not notice these issues in VGA. Sometimes (this is happening while I typing this thread), the image shown on the display shake horizontally a little bit for a second, then the monitor recovers.

Any thoughts on the issue, as I tried multiple HDMI cables, which are proven to be working (some were used as cables for PS3 & PS4, as well as my link my laptop to the old Funai monitor) ?!?

Please help, as I spend about 25$ every time I got to a computer shops for the supposed solutions and inspection services they offer, and I go back to where I started from once I bring my devices back home.

Sorry for the very long thread

Thanks in advance & Regards

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    as both monitors don't have that issue when connected to the laptop & ps4 then not a monitor issue. can you try using a dvi cable which both the monitor & motherboard have to see if still have that issue?
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