Serious lag on high-performance system (Currently blaming RAID1 drives)

Hey everyone,

I recently obtained a computer (self-built ~4 years ago, but not by me), by far the most powerful system I've ever had:

i7-3930K @ 3.20GHz (12 core)
Geforce GTX 960
1TB WD HDD with windows installed on it, plus two 1.5 TB HDD's combined into Raid0 (This is the only thing I changed. Will upgrade the Windows drive to an SSD as soon as I get the chance.)
Win7 64 bit (freshly installed)

And I am experiencing serious lag. It's worst in Firefox: Every now and then I try to change or close a tab or just scroll, and it freezes for several seconds. It's worse when a lot of tabs are open, but also happens otherwise.
In Maple 16 (in java-based worksheet mode), when I mark text with the mouse, it takes a half-second or so to mark it. (This doesn't happen in non-java-based classic Maple).
Sometimes even the explorer freezes for a second when I try to mark files.
The task manager showed 0% CPU and 3.77GB RAM used when I checked during the lag.

All drivers are up to date. (except for one 'unidentified device' in the device manager, no clue what that is - everything that should be there is present.)
Ran the full Avira Professional scan, nothing found.
Ran UserBenchmark, everything performed average or above expectations.
chkdsk on the Windows drive - no problems.

Does anyone have an idea what this could be?

Update: Found something:
During the lag, in the 'disk' tab of the resource monitor, it showed 100% Highest active time for my RAID1 drive. When the lag was over, that number dropped straight back down to 0%.
Found that a Firefox addon was busy writing on that drive (I have the firefox profile there), when I uninstalled the addon, most of the lag disappeared.

But that seems only like a temporary fix. Does that mean one of the drives in the RAID is about to break? Or did I set it up wrong? How to test this?
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    You might have done something wrong in the creation of the RAID1. I don't recommend RAID for desktop PCs. It is usually more hassle than the benefits. Multiple discrete disks and appropriate backup strategies are better than RAID for safety.
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