How do I edit the boot file on Windows 7 home premium?

Hello, I recently installed a new SSD in my computer and installed windows on it. I backed up any data I wanted on my hard drive to an external, unplugged my old hard drive that I was originally booting from, and installed Windows 7 home premium from a disk to the SSD. Rebooted from the SSD and completely formatted my old drive so I could start completely fresh.

Now whenever I boot my computer, it ask me which system I would like to boot. One is the normal Windows 7 option and the other seems to be the Windows 7 setup (it takes me to another black screen; the same one I got when I first booted my computer with no operating system installed.)

I have read that I need to tell Windows witch option I would like it to select by default, but the only info I could find (I honestly didn't dig for hours, but I did put some effort into it) was for Windows XP and telling them to edit the boot.ini file. However I also discovered through some digging that Windows 7 no longer uses this, but rater uses a utility called BCDEdit. I've found this utility through my start menus search and tried to open it, but it just closes immediately afterwards.

This is as far as I've gotten and honestly wouldn't know what to do with it even if it did open for me... So, I thought before I go screwing my boot files up, I should ask someone smarter than me on how to remove the other option and just start windows normally by default.

Can someone please guide me through this?
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    There is video on youtube. Look here, or here.

    Hope this helps.
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