i5 4960 (non-k) and AsRock H97 Anniversary Overclockable?

Hello all,
This might seem like a dumb question but somewhere online I read that some non-k Cpu's could be overclocked with specific motherboards. So the question is, can I overclock my i5 4690 (Non-K) with my H97 Anniversary LGA 1150 motherboard? I see some overclocking options in my BIOS but I don't know wether I can use them or not.
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    The news you read applies to Skylake motherboards, which is the generation ahead of yours.

    Non-K CPUs can be overclocked up to their Turbo Boost speed, which is 3.9Ghz in your case. If you plan on doing this then you should buy an aftermarket cooler as the standard one isn't designed to sustain Turbo Boost indefinitely.
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