R9 380 Fan Issue. Need your help guys

I badly need your help guys. I've recently purchased a fresh R9 380 from Sapphire tech but the thing is, the fan won't spin at all. I am very much aware of the IFC system which activates the cooling system only at a certain temperature, but MY R9 380's fans don't spin even on 90°C. At first, I figured it might be the driver which was causing it and tried other drivers which were said to be working, but nada. No luck at all. It turns out that the fans only spin at 100% fan speed. If i lower the fan speed even by 1 percent, it stops. I used Sapphire Trixx to test that out, so i don't really think it's a faulty fan or something cause it actually spins really well on 100% fan speed. What's making things weirder is that the overdrive setting in the crimson driver shows that the fans are actually spinning normally by showing a change in fan speed depending on the temperature of the card. Really weird. What am i suppose to do?
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    Sounds like you should contact their support and, if they say that it shouldn't do that, return it for a new one.
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