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Building a friends pc, got it all put together and booted it up, fans came on, and then it begins to infinite reboot. Turns on for 9 seconds and then shuts down and turns back on. No signal, unplugged the GPU and then tried on-board graphics. nothing. Switched hard drives. nothing. Made sure everything is plugged in and the same thing happened. switches cables around, and forgot to plug cpu in and it turned on and didnt shut down, still no video. Came to believe the CPU is dead. Any ideas?
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Thank you!
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    Not likely the CPU. Even a non-POSTing motherboard will behave differently with a CPU installed than not. It really could be anything - bad motherboard, bad RAM, bad power supply.

    Remove all non-essential components (hard drives, video card, other accessories). Try with one stick of RAM at a time. Do you have a spare power supply you can try?

    If that fails, try assembling it outside of the case, to make sure you don't have any electrical shorts (e.g. motherboard contacting a metal stand-off where it shouldnt' be).
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