Can a 250W PSU run a GeForce GTX 750 1GB

I know it probably won't, but i hear people saying that graphics cards actually use around 100 Watts
is it true?
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  1. It will run the GTX 750 but not the rest of the computer at the same time.

    A 750 uses around 90w max but usually around 70w under load.
  2. Not enough info, what make and model PSU is it? Many low quality units cannot get anywhere near there rated wattage without failing. Also what the rest of the system? If you have a low wattage cpu and a good quality PSU then 250w would be fine
  3. Alright i'l list my full specs:
    CPU: Intel Core i3 4570 @ 3,70 GHz
    GPU: GeForce GTX 750 1GB
    Ram: 2x4GB DRR3
    Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-H81M-DS2V
    HDD: WD Green 2 TB
  4. The 750 is a 55w card and going over the pcie slot max 75w will cause issues hence why more powerful cards have extra pcie power cables. I don't know where you get your numbers from but maybe that was total system with the rest being idle during a gpu test. Nvidia recommends 20a 300w but that psu is 20a combined on both 12v rails. It will probably work but you're like on the limit.
  5. I see,
    i have a 450W PSU but i don't think its a quality unit
    I have been using it for 1 year with the GTX 750 but i no longer do since im scared of bad quality units
    But im not sure if its bad quality or not since its made in my country and it came with my other prebuild Computer
    So can i like open it and send you a picture from inside? im not sure how useful a picture from inside the PSU will be, thats why im asking
  6. Of the 450w psu? The label should say the model number and I can get the info from that.
  7. k1114 said:
    Of the 450w psu? The label should say the model number and I can get the info from that.

    Ummmm theres actually no model, thats why the quality its unkown
    It came with my PreBuild Computer, the manufacturer (PowerTech) who builded the Computer made the PSU
  8. Take a pic of the label. It has a label right?
  9. k1114 said:
    Take a pic of the label. It has a label right?

    Yeah it does have a label:
  10. That's closer to a 350w psu so an obvious sign of low quality. It doesn't even have a ul number to check manufacturer so it's a relabel. Don't use it.
  11. k1114 said:
    That's closer to a 350w psu so an obvious sign of low quality. It doesn't even have a ul number to check manufacturer so it's a relabel. Don't use it.

    Wow is it that bad?, im glad it didn't kill my Gaming Machine
    Anyway so i assume if i want to use the GTX 750 with my i3 machine i have to buy a new PSU right?
  12. To safely run it, yes.
  13. k1114 said:
    To safely run it, yes.

    Safely run it?
    What's the worst thing that can happen if i attempt to use it with the 250W PSU?
  14. You are overworking it when you get to peak power which will cause it to die faster. It might be fine for a couple years as long as you are gaming a whole lot but then when it dies, it can take out other components. Also as psus age, capacity lowers so the risk gets worse as time goes by. Fsp is a decent company so should have safeties in place to help and if it doesn't supply enough power it should shut itself off. But you typically don't want to test your luck. As I said before, it will probably work but I'd say to at least get a new psu sometime this year.
  15. Yeah i will get a new PSU probably sometime in June or July
    I wanted to use that i until i get the new PSU.
    Is there a possibility that the PSU will blow up if it won't be able to supply the power needed?
    because if i lose this Computer, i will be stuck with a Pentium 4 2,50 GHz machine until the end of summer.
    And i really don't want that...
  16. Sure the PSU could die. Resistors, fuses, caps, etc... they could burn. Worse case scenario a capacitor blows and scares you. Most motherboards are fairly well protected and won't be damaged. Most likely the power supply will die and you just need to replace that with no damage to the rest of the system.

    I can't guarantee anything though :)
  17. Best answer
    It shouldn't blow from not being able to supply enough power. Good psus won't even let the pc boot. Decent psu companies will have over voltage and over current protection that actually work plus insufficient power would cause the pc to crash in most cases. Worst case scenario is not simply a cap blowing, it could be much worse. I wouldn't say mobos are well protected. If other components don't get ruined, it's because the psu prevented it.

    A nice fireworks show is worst case scenario but that's not something that happens on decent psus. As long as you aren't doing anything that would cause high usage like playing a game, then you won't get near capacity. You also do meet the 20a requirement at least and those recommended are usually with 95w cpus and yours is less.
  18. i want to play Rocket Leauge in max settings but i don't want to risk it.
    I guess il wait until summer,..
    I don't want to see my PSU turning intro a firework launcher so yeah.
    Thanks for the help everyone, i appreciate it.
  19. I'd like to see a PSU rocket launcher. I wonder how much protection that PSU has built in? Hopefully something as simple as a fuse blowing. Without protection the first thing likely to go would be a resistor burning up. You'll smell the smoke from that. With decent protection like K1114 mentioned it just won't boot the computer.

    Looks like you have it working though. I wonder how long it will last.
  20. I didn't even attempt to install the GPU
    Because if the PSU blows up. i will get a new one in June or July as i said
    I need to use this card for like 20-30 minutes, then i'l install the old one back...
    Then again, if the PSU blows up as soon as the GPU loads to full Wattage, i will have a Pentium 4 PC until the end of June possibly, and i don't want that.
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