Having some weird issues with my CPU please help

Ok I bought this CPU my FX 8320 About a month ago and all of a sudden when I was playing Dark Souls 3 my PC is struggling. It has been fine the entire time.

I check the Task manager and it say's my CPU is at 1.3ghz which the stock speeds should be at 3.5ghz.

I check CPUID Hardware Monitor and the temps are 7.2c, 5.9, and 11.4c they should read something like 32c.

I ran CPU-z and it says Core speed is 1409.20 mhz it shouls read 3.4 or 3.5

what is going on here lol my PC is so sluggish right now.

I also scanned my PC with walmarebytes and it found alot of stuff which is odd since I JUST did a fresh install last night and I have AVG active. Could these viruses be the cause of my CPU ghz being so low?
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    Yes, viruses can cause poor performance, and you should not have any. Your best bet is probably to wipe Windows and start fresh.

    Viruses cannot cause reduced clockspeed, though. Check temps with AMD Overdrive, it's the best software to use with AMD CPUs.
  2. Ya I think I found the problem I went into advanced setting for power managment for the CPU and it was set for the minimum too 5% lol I cranked up up to 100% and it's at 4.0ghz.

    but yes I am scanning my PC again for more viruses I really don't want to do another clean install lol. Even though it is on a SSD

    Thanks for the solution.
  3. Go into your power setting as set it to High Performance. It's likely that AMD Cool 'n Quiet is being too aggressive with lowering your multiplier.
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