Suddenly all Games and videos lagging Stuttering after update windows 10. Plz help!!

Few weeks ago my pc running smooth on Windows 10. Then I got build update of win 10, after this update all games Stuttering also videos.

I tried,
Reinstalling all drivers, switch back to win 8.1 still Stuttering again after I install win 7 but doesn't work ,
Afterall now I'm on Win 10 64 still stutter lags

All drivers are updated
My pc configuration -
i3 2100 3.10ghz processor, gt630 zone edition 2gb graphics card ,
4gb ram,
Intel dh61ww motherboard,
WD BLUE 1TB hard disk,
Corsair vs550 psu

cpu ,gpu temperature is fine.

Is this psu problem?

Please reply with your suggestions.
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  1. No this does not look a PSU Problem. As you rightly pointed out, installing the update might have caused the problem.
    Check in your task manager, about the programs those are taking up the CPU resources like RAM, CPU and HDD. It may all be after the update, some unnecessary updates are willing to download/ install and that's taking up the usage.

    Also, if possible, try another GPU in your setup. If not the update, might be that the GPU is on its last leg. Also, completely uninstall the GPU drivers and do a fresh install. Use driver clean up tools to erase the last remnants of the previous driver.
  2. In task manager cpu stay at 0%, ram is between 20-30%, hdd 0% when computer is idle.
    But when I watching movie, skip again and again, cpu goes up to 90% usage.
    Also I completely uninstall and reinstall gpu drivers, install old gpu drivers but still problem occurs .
    And I forgot to tell, in bios cpu temperature already at 60 c and goes up to 70-73 c, Intel stock cooler rpm in between 1200-1400.
    And in cpuz, realtemp temperature shows 40-50 c
    Any idea?
  3. Temperature looks a bit on the higher side, but certainly not damaging and the task manager usage looks fine as well.
    Have you updated the Direct X. If not update the DirectX and check if the problem occurs. eal temp shows the Tjunc temp and BIOS shows the Tcase temp. So the difference is normal. And this certainly does not look like a case of overheating.

    One more thing you can do if DirectX update dont fix your problem. Check the update history. There must be a restore point created before Windows installed the update you mentioned. You can try restoring your PC to the earlier point , before the update. if the update is the root cause of these slowdowns, this should solve the issue.
  4. I'm not sure if you have ever solved the problem by now but this for anyone who still has issues and finds this forum.
    Your stuttering is caused by the Cpu overheating. You can confirm this easily by buying artic silver 5 thermal paste (it's cheap) then take off the intels stock fan and heat sink wipe off the old thermal paste that's on your cpu and reapply new thermal paste in the x shape and refit the fan and heat sink on the Cpu. Now try your games again and you'll find that there's no more stuttering. I highly recommend changing that cpu cooler as well to some thing like this one here
  5. When i had windows 10 i also had the same problem
    I fixed it by opening task manager and find steam in the task manager and end it
  6. Best answer
    I'm not sure if this helps, but I was having a similar issue with stuttering in games. Never in videos though. It happened after I updated my graphics driver, didn't have anything to do with windows 10. I updated driver but to no avail. What ended up fixing it was wiping the graphics driver and reinstalling the current driver. To wipe the driver I used this:
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