Hdd Sudden Fail, Quite Click-When started stops W/in 15-20 secs?

My Hdd Show 0G(zeroGigs) In Bios , in Device -manage It doesn't show up at all? This was Sudden Fail, Did not click before Fail happen. Now it is a Vary Quit Click(not like other drives I've fail.) So, When i plug it in It spins up and clicks for about 15-30 secs then stops. (spinning and clicking.) Witch might be why its not showing windows but in bio.?

Any Advice , Is there a way i can fix this myself , I have tools. I also went to votech for HVAC and AUTO Mechanics. So i feel comfortable opening And replacing a Part, ( I just dont know what the Diagnosis is) Thank You for your time and expertise?
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    Often, hard drives work perfectly, right up until the moment when they die.

    There is no fix for this. It is dead.
    Open the case and expose the platters, is merely putting the casket into the ground.
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